Venus Factor Xtreme by John Barban | Extreme Health Program

What is The Venus Factor Extreme, and how can it work?

The Venus Factor Extreme is a sound altered ladies’ 12 week project of 3 stages at 4 weeks each. It is intended for lady who wish to lose and keep up a sound, conditioned and fit shape which accomplishes a superior, more sure personal satisfaction by using a characteristic hormone that controls your digestion system. This hormone is called Leptin which controls your body to blaze 100% fat.


The Venus Factor Extreme projects primary standard called the Venus file. The Venus record is computed by utilizing your abdomen, tallness and hip estimations for your body. The perfect target number ought to be 38% of your tallness. Next you duplicate your optimal size by 1.42 to get your optimal shoulder estimation.

From the number you computed with the Venus list this will give you the zones which you have to concentrate on to get the shape you need. One remarkable thing about this project is that clearly over weight individuals should shed pounds, however in the event that you excessively thin The Venus Factor Extreme lets you know whether you have to put on weight. Which is extremely interesting for an eating routine or health improvement plan to instruct you to put on weight.

Why is this superior to anything prevailing fashions and non specific weight control plans?

The Venus Factor Extremes is one of a kind by invigorating Leptin which is a characteristic fat smoldering hormone in your body. In the 12 week program you will take in the right activities and systems that will blaze fat for the duration of the day. The wrong activities are impeding to smoldering fat and may put on weight in numerous cases.

Trend eating methodologies can trick your body into trusting that you are starving putting your body in survival mode and attaching on more fat. This is the thing that happens and is known as the “yo-yo” impact when your body oppose Leptin at double the rate. This is the reason individuals put on so quick in the wake of getting in shape. The Venus Factor Extreme will give all of you the aptitudes and information to keep the fat off by using Leptin as a metabolic supersede to work for you. Not against you.
When you join The Venus Factor Extreme you are never alone! You will have entry to The Community Immersion which gives you bolster in strategies, inquiries and you will have support with others that have joined. Having support among others that are attempting to accomplish the same solid objectives together. You will never need to go at only it! You will never be distant from everyone else!

The Venus Factor Extreme:

The Venus Factor Extreme is a characteristic innovative achievement by John Barban world class in wellness and activity. John has concentrated on activity and physiology and went to the University of Florida.


This is a begin of the new you! The Venus Factor Extreme is really the begin of another fun and enthusiastic way of life with unobtrusive activity strategies. Not thorough hours at the rec center.

You will be a piece of the group bunch. You will never be separated from everyone else! Indeed, even go out with your new companions to supper or a young ladies night out. It’s generally an extraordinary thing meeting to individuals that have the same intrigue these day!

Take after the project and eat consistent sustenance. Your body’s digestion system will use and blaze fat for vitality. When you make progress in fitting in your swimsuit or that pleasant dress that has not been worn for away and you’re feeling so awesome loaded with certainty, then you should simply keep up with your group bolster companions.

The Venus Factor Extreme is all characteristic with the goal that you can accomplish durable objectives. With the group bolster it will genuinely turn into a way of life. Every supporting each other while feeling better inwardly, physically, and socially.

Venus Factor Xtreme by John Barban | Extreme Health Program

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